My Mom Fooled the Doctor about her Memory–How does that happen?


When my mom came to live with me, I changed her primary care physician to my own personal doctor. His office was near-by and I was already familiar with office and staff. Shortly afterwards, I phoned for an appointment so Dr. Smith could meet Mom and assess her stage of Alzheimer’s. Not wanting to speak […]

Does the Person with Alzheimer’s Invent Memories– or tell Lies?


One issue with the person who has Alzheimer’s or Dementia is that they look so good. By looking at them, you would never know they have a problem. They don’t look sick. They don’t have a cold, or runny nose, or high fever. They look so normal that we’re totally surprised by their odd behavior […]

How to Respond to False Accusations by Someone with Alzheimer’s Dementia


How to Respond to False Accusations from an Alzheimer’s Patient– More often than you think, an Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient may falsely accuse their caregiver of stealing. They may also make accusations of abuse or persecution at the hands of a caregiver or nursing home. To be sure, all accusations should be investigated. The Alzheimer’s […]