It's common to have many questions when a loved one has dementia.

You will find answers here for many of your questions.

Caring for Aging Parents – It looks hard but not Impossible

Caring for aging parents – it looks hard but not impossible Nobody wants to see their parents decline in their older years. Our parents have been the strong ones in our lives, and it can be heartbreaking to see them starting to lose physical or mental capacity. Parents usually don’t want to admit this either, […]

At last – Fashionable Incontinence Products


It can be difficult when a loved one becomes incontinent. My Mom was mortified the first time she couldn’t hold it while we were in a busy shopping mall. But it happens! It happens to many folks besides those with dementia. Mom needed quite a bit of reassuring and consoling on that day. If your […]

Me and My Alzheimer’s Shadow | Alzheimer’s Reading Room


Shadowing causes the Alzheimer’s caregiver to feel like their personal space is being violated. Photo and Quote from : This is so true. Shadowing was one of the most disturbing symptoms for me as a caregiver. At the time, I didn’t know why Mom followed me, nor why she woke me up during the […]

Dementia cases surge 62% in 7 years – HSCIC Report


The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) said the number of patients with a recorded diagnosis of dementia has increased by 62%, reported by: It makes one wonder if it’s due to the aging baby-boomer generation or could there be something else at work. New reporting standards might be an issue.  George McNamara, […]

Book Recommendations from Authors and Other Caregivers


“OUR FAVORITES – BOOK LIST” RECOMMENDED BY AUTHORS AND OTHERS WITH DEMENTIA OR THEIR  CAREGIVERS (If you have a suggestion, please add to the comments below) Every day, I receive many more reading recommendations from others than I have time to review.  Yet, each new book sounds insightful, helpful and fresh. These recommendations may come […]

Can You Tell The Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Natural Aging?

aging or alzheimers

Is it Alzheimer’s or Simple Aging? Sometimes it’s difficult to know the difference– Memory loss is common, particularly among men and women over the age of 65. This could be a simple moment of forgetfulness or it may represent something far more serious. The reality is that people are diagnosed with dementia and progressive brain […]

When Memory Fades, Sunrise Stories from Real People :Review


“When Memory Fades, Sunrise Stories from Real People, by Ronda Knuth” is more than a book of stories. Ronda Knuth shares wonderful vignettes about the people she cares for at Sunrise Senior Living Community at Pinehurst in Denver, Colorado. More than sharing short moments in their lives, Ronda describes it as the place she goes […]

Are You Taking Your Medication at the Right Time of Day?


Most of us practice Chronotherapy twice a year when we change our clocks and expect our inner clock to adjust and reset without upset. Sometimes it’s not a smooth transition as falling asleep can struggle against the change of early/or late hour. There may be a similar struggle when you take your medications if  chronotherapy […]

Review: My Mom My Hero by Lisa Hirsch


Review: My Mom My Hero – by Lisa Hirsch As Lisa Hirsch’s mother, Ruthie, began the journey into Alzheimers, Lisa decided to pen thoughts and feelings in a spiral notebook. Their relationship had often been ambivalent and Lisa thought writing about their issues could bring more comfort than arguing with her mother. For many years […]

A few things to know when: Easing the Transition to Elder Care for Those with Alzheimer’s dementia


            Getting old is inevitable. Some elderly people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This is the progressive decline of cognitive function such as language, behavior, judgement, emotions and our ability to function with complex tasks. Once this disease progresses with an aging loved one, there is often need to assist them […]