It's common to have many questions when a loved one has dementia.

You will find answers here for many of your questions.

Caring for Aging Parents – It looks hard but not Impossible

Caring for aging parents – it looks hard but not impossible Nobody wants to see their parents decline in their older years. Our parents have been the strong ones in our lives, and it can be heartbreaking to see them starting to lose physical or mental capacity. Parents usually don’t want to admit this either, […]

The ID Wrist Band Your Loved one with Dementia Needs Today


Wandering is a major problem for those with dementia. We hear about it everyday. The older lady or gentleman who leave home for a stroll but never return. Sometimes they’re found a few streets away. Sometimes they are never found. And sometimes, unfortunately, they are found where they’ve wandered too far in the freezing cold […]

At last – Fashionable Incontinence Products


It can be difficult when a loved one becomes incontinent. My Mom was mortified the first time she couldn’t hold it while we were in a busy shopping mall. But it happens! It happens to many folks besides those with dementia. Mom needed quite a bit of reassuring and consoling on that day. If your […]

Alzheimers dementia is it Really Affected by Vitamins and which ones?


Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that have been found through studies to Lower Alzheimer’s Risk Sometimes we forget how important Vitamin D can be. Since it’s easily absorbed into our body through lots of sunshine, and also found in the foods we eat, we don’t keep track of how much we actually get. But if […]

5 Steps to Aging Gracefully from Dr. Nagy (video)


Most of us aren’t looking for the fountain of youth. We know we will grow older and we only want to grow older gracefully. We want to age at a normal pace without major disease or heart ache.  We want to lead the best life we can to take care our our physical and emotional […]

Me and My Alzheimer’s Shadow | Alzheimer’s Reading Room


Shadowing causes the Alzheimer’s caregiver to feel like their personal space is being violated. Photo and Quote from : This is so true. Shadowing was one of the most disturbing symptoms for me as a caregiver. At the time, I didn’t know why Mom followed me, nor why she woke me up during the […]

Dementia cases surge 62% in 7 years – HSCIC Report


The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) said the number of patients with a recorded diagnosis of dementia has increased by 62%, reported by: It makes one wonder if it’s due to the aging baby-boomer generation or could there be something else at work. New reporting standards might be an issue.  George McNamara, […]

Book Recommendations from Authors and Other Caregivers


“OUR FAVORITES – BOOK LIST” RECOMMENDED BY AUTHORS AND OTHERS WITH DEMENTIA OR THEIR  CAREGIVERS (If you have a suggestion, please add to the comments below) Every day, I receive many more reading recommendations from others than I have time to review.  Yet, each new book sounds insightful, helpful and fresh. These recommendations may come […]

Baby Dolls Crafted for Elderly and those with Alzheimer’s dementia


I can’t explain how happy I am to see this video. Last January, I wrote an article about the elderly, especially those with dementia, my mom included, and their love for babies. Actually, my story goes back to my Grandmother on my mother’s side I was a young girl of eight or nine when my […]

Can You Tell The Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Natural Aging?

aging or alzheimers

Is it Alzheimer’s or Simple Aging? Sometimes it’s difficult to know the difference– Memory loss is common, particularly among men and women over the age of 65. This could be a simple moment of forgetfulness or it may represent something far more serious. The reality is that people are diagnosed with dementia and progressive brain […]